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Today is: Wednesday January 17, 2018

Spaying or Neutering Your Dog

There are many excellent reasons for spaying or neutering your dog.  For one, overpopulation is a big problem in the U.S. millions of unwanted animals are put to sleep every year.  The shelters are understaffed and overpopulated with stray dogs.  Unfortunately, many of the dogs that show up at the shelter are put to sleep.  Spaying and neutering will make your dog healthy.  It will change some of his behaviors.

Some advantages to spaying and neutering are:

  • Decreased aggression in male dogs

  • Decreased roaming

  • No testicular tumors in male dogs

  • Fewer hernias

  • Fewer prostate problems

  • No ovarian cancer in female dogs

  • Decreased risk of breast cancer

Spaying or neutering your dog will NOT make her/him fat and lazy. Spaying or neutering your dog will change his metabolism. So, in most cases, he will not need as much food to maintain his weight. Your dog's laziness is more of a reflection on us than on them or by being altered.

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