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Today is: Wednesday January 17, 2018

Submissive Urination In Your Dog

Submissive Urination is often confused as being a housebreaking problem. It is not related to housebreaking a dog. During excitable times, such as when you come home, some dogs will spontaneously and uncontrollably urinate. The dog has no control over this and sometimes isn't even aware that he has done it. DO NOT discipline your dog if he submissively urinates. He really doesn't have control over it.

There are various reason why some dogs do this. Some dogs do this to show submissiveness or out of fear, from a past abusive environment. Some dogs suffer from an illness or disease and some dogs are perfectly fine.

To help control submissive urination you should try to determine what causes him to do this. Some common causes include:

  • Excitement, for example when you come home or a guest comes over

  • Movement towards him

  • Direct eye contact

  • When he is being yelled out or punished

  • Feeling threatened

  • Medical condition

Once medical problems have been ruled out and you've determined what makes your dog submissively urinate, do your best to avoid and eliminate the situations that cause this.

If your dog gets excited when you come home or guests come over, try to ignore him. Don't make it exciting or make it seem like a big deal.

When your dog submissively urinates, don't make an issue about it. Clean up the mess and forget about it. Again, Do Not yell or punish him, doing this could actually make the situation worse.

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