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Today is: Wednesday January 17, 2018

Improper Urination and Your Dog

Improper urinating by your dog can be incredibly frustrating and a nuisance. If your dog is urinating inside the house and he is housetrained, you need to first rule out a medical problem. There are many medical reasons why a dog that was previously housetrained has started to urinate inside the house. For example: a urinary tract infection, diabetes, Cushing's disease, or kidney problems.

Once medical reasons have been ruled out, the problem could either be poor training or instinctual. In either case, a crate may prove to be useful. To help curb improper urination make a schedule to take your dog outside frequently to urinate. Pay attention to recognize his "signals" that he needs to go outside. Such as: anxiousness, sniffing around, "talking" to you, pacing, or standing at the door. Make sure to give your dog plenty of time outside to go to the bathroom. When your dog does let you know that he needs outside and properly eliminates outside, be sure to praise him and maybe give him a treat. Be sure not to punish your dog if he goes to the bathroom inside the house unless you see him do it. Otherwise, he will not make the connection to why he is being punished and what he did work. Do not rub his nose in it or spank him. Tell him in a loud, stern voice that what he did was wrong.

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