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Today is: Wednesday January 17, 2018

Digging and Your Dog

Digging in dogs is instinctual. They will dig for many reasons. Ranging from boredom, burying a favorite treat or toy, trying to escape from the yard, or to get relief from the heat, just to name a few. To break this undesired behavior, you must understand why he is digging. Once you understand why, it should become easier to stop. Here are a few suggestions:

  • If he is bored - Provide him with plenty of toys and treats outside, try to find ones that will provide a long and stimulating interaction. For example, a "Kong" or "Talk to me treatball". Go play with him.

  • If he is trying to escape - Many times a dog will try to escape from the yard to mate. Often, spaying or neutering will fix this.

  • If he is trying to get relief from the heat - The dirt will be a lot cooler in the summertime than the grass or concrete that is baking in the sunlight. Always provide shade for your dog. Plant a big, shady tree or place a dog house outside of the sunlight. Remember, always have fresh water available.

To prevent him from digging in only certain areas some recommend placing a deterrent in these areas. There are a few commercial products available. For example, "Keep Off" and "No-Dig"

As with any behavioral problem it will take time and patience to correct it. Be consistent and reward the appropriate behavior.

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